Album List

Album List 2.06

Easily manage full albums from Winamp's playlist


  • Cover list looks really nice
  • You can export the list to HTML


  • Some problems when refreshing or displaying the list

Very good

Winamp's playlist is a convenient way to browse your music collection and select what you feel like listening to in a given moment. But when you have several thousand files it's not that easy anymore.

This is why you need Album List, a Winamp plugin specially designed to browse albums, not files.

This plugin attaches a new window to Winamp and displays your album list on it.

You can add as many directories as you want, but take into account that the more elements on the list, the longer it will take Album list to create the list and display it properly.

In fact, during our tests, sometimes it didn't even display it at all.

You can see a regular file list or choose the cover list, which definitely looks nicer and makes it easier to browse your collection, although it takes a bit more resources.

Album List turns your directory tree into a list of albums. It allows you to easily navigate your favorite albums stored on your hard drive and CDs.

In addition to it being fully supported in both classic and modern skins, you also get functionalities like multiple profiles, drag & drop, global hotkeys, language packs, and more.

Album List


Album List 2.06

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